Refrigerator Look Book: Nicole Chaszar

Smorgasburg Nicole Chaszar loves soup all year round. And as the CEO and creator of the nationwide soup delivery and soup cleanse company The Splendid Spoon, it’s kind of part of her job description.

But that doesn’t mean her fridge is only filled with pureed vegetables and pots of Gazpacho. The culinary school grad loves scoping out farmers markets, whipping up plates of vegetables, and seeing what comes together.

“I love experimenting and cooking with what’s new and different, depending on the time of year,” says Chaszar, who lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with her husband and two young sons. The result’s often delicious.

Take a peek inside her fridge—and maybe get inspired to slurp one of your seasonal meals or just add more veggies to it.

Where do you go grocery shopping and how often? I do one big grocery shop—or FreshDirect order—a week. I also go to the McCarren Park Greenmarket on Saturdays, and the McGolrick farmers market on Sundays. And I tend to pick little things up, to supplement, every day.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset How often do you eat—er, drink—your own soups? Every day. Often at the office in Long Island City, and I always bring soup home for my husband to bring to work, too.

In the fridge, we have a couple of the test bottles of our drinkable soups. That’s our big exciting debut this year. You can open a bottle of soup—just like green juice—and drink it on the go.

Do you ever get sick of soup? When I’m at a restaurant, I won’t order it; I will say that. But I don’t really get sick of soup. There are so many techniques you can use to create different textures—and the flavors can be so vastly varied.

What are the bowls of salad on the top shelf? One is a dish called Pancit, it’s like a Filipino lo mein. We went to a birthday party for a friend of my two-year-old’s whose family is Filipino. Since my dad is Filipino, they gave me lots of leftovers. The other is a glass bowl with grains and and a bunch of veggies. It’s food for my kids. I try to make a big bowl for them to enjoy throughout the week.

You have a whole crisper of vegetables. Got any go-to ways you like to cook them? I have peppers, bok choy, and daikon radish on hand—those will go into our weekly one-pot meals. I love cooking, but at the end of the day my brain is totally fried, so I’ll usually throw in a grain like millet or rice, a green, some tart vegetable, like a pepper or tomato, then something a little more texture heavy like jicama or daikon radish, and lots of herbs. Then I make a sauce on the stovetop, and we toss it all together.

Okay, so you eat a lot of soup and a ton of veggies. What about juice? I don’t do a whole lot of fruit-based drinks. To me, the veggie-based ones even taste sweet. Juices and smoothies have become something special I’ll have when I’m out. Home is where you’re healthy. —Molly Gallagher

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(Photos, from top: Tara Donne; Nicole Chaszar)


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