Sakara Life is teaming up with Tata Harper for a menu designed to get you glowing

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Sakara Life, the clean, plant-based meal delivery service beloved by trendy vegans, is collaborating with one of the OGs of natural beauty, Tata Harper, for a limited-edition Eat Pretty Program. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a week of meals and elixirs filled with ingredients picked specifically for their ability to make your skin glow. Beauty comes from within, after all.

Sakara’s already known for its seasonal, mostly local ingredients, but it’s not often we get the chance to eat what clean beauty expert Harper favors to keep her own complexion lustrous.

“I love foods that are hydrating and full of antioxidants,” Harper says. “These foods feed your skin and supply the entire body with nutrients and energy. Vitamin C, beta carotene, healthy fats, and superfoods like spirulina and blue green algaes all help create a radiant complexion.”

What’s in the meal plan? Think hydrating heirloom greens with anti-inflammatory ginger-mustard-sesame dressing—and a cleansing aloe and cucumber soup with roasted stone fruit and fig balsamic vinegar.

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Photo: Sakara Life

You can sign up today on Sakara’s website for the meal delivery program ($265 for three days or $420 for five), and you’ll start getting meals on Monday, August 29: three squares as well as Sakara’s Beauty Elixir (which completely sold out the last time it was available). Oh, and you’ll receive some of Harper’s luxury skin care products along with it.

For this collab, Harper personally chose some of her favorite ingredients to incorporate to give your skin an added boost—something we’re always down for.

Keep reading to find out the nine most powerful skin-friendly ingredients Harper chose. Knowing they’re doing double duty makes them that much tastier.
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Photo: Angele J/Pexels

1. Ginger

“Ginger cleans out toxins from the body and is known to reduce inflammation,” says Harper.

Photo: Kristina Paukshtite/Pexels

2. Strawberry

“Strawberry is a fantastic source of vitamin C for collagen and elastin production, which are key for radiance,” she says.

Photo: Angele J/Pexels

3. Zucchini

“Zucchini is a source of lutein and zeaxanthin, carotenoids with antioxidant properties that prevent skin damage and maintain skin’s strength,” says Harper. “It’s also very hydrating, which is key for glowing skin.”

Photo: PDPics/Pixabay

4. Grains

“Quinoa and lentils possess zinc for collagen and cell growth,” says Harper. “And they are filled with cleansing fiber.”

Photo: Ryan Baker/Pexels

5. Citrus

“Citrus has collagen-supporting, brightening vitamin C,” says Harper. “Vitamin C promotes cell turnover and helps balance sebum in your skin—perfect for keeping your skin in check during the hot summer months.”

Photo: Greg Montani/Pixabay

6. Cucumber

“Cucumber contains water, fiber, and nutrients including vitamin C and beta carotene,” says Harper. “Cucumber and water-rich foods digest slowly and rehydrate your body.”

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Photo: Stosksnap/Krzysztof Puszczyński

7. Avocado

“Healthy fats are great for the skin,” says Harper. “Avocado is packed with mono-saturated healthy fat to deeply nourish skin and boost elasticity, ensuring your skin appears youthful and hydrated.”

Photo: Bigacis/Thinkstock

8. Spirulina

“Spirulina is a complete protein and contains all 22 amino acids,” says Harper. “Plus, it’s highly digestible for quick energy and sustained vitality. Spirulina helps clear your skin—it’s beauty food filled with protein, vitamins A, K, and B-12, and magnesium.”

Photo: Alicjane/Thinkstock

9. Coconut

“Coconut possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce irritation and inflammation in the body,” says Harper. “Keeping inflammation low makes your skin bright and clear and fights signs of aging.”

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