Six juices a day keep the cravings away

BPC juices This is the happy epilogue to my juice cleanse. To read about my mid-cleanse misery, click here.

Call me cleansed. Cleansed of cookie cravings, muffin cravings, make that cravings for all baked goods. So long City Bakery. Bread, pasta, and cheese have also lost their charms. Instead, I’ve suddenly got the food cravings of a vegan yogi; I want to pig out on leafy greens, nuts, avocados, lean protein, and fresh berries.

This dietary reprogramming required some serious effort. I did BluePrint Cleanse’s three-day juice fast, which means the only calories to enter my stomach came from six bottles of juice containing about 1,100 calories. So, I wasn’t famished (taking three days off of exercise definitely helped manage my appetite), but I certainly missed the ritual of mealtime. Last Sunday morning, when it was time for me to eat again, instead of frying up some bacon and eggs, I did the suggested enema at SanaVita. Recent colonic debate aside, I felt light as an ABT dancer after this further flush. And now, six days after the cleanse, the good eating habits continue, mysteriously.

Z&E To help me understand the success of this cleanse, Well + Good recently chatted with Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis, creators of the BluePrint Cleanse, who first met mixing cocktails at the Hudson Hotel nearly 10 years ago.

W+G: Will my cravings come back?

Zoe & Erica: If you used to crave baked goods, you probably will again. But a cleanse helps reset your focus. By taking you out of your normal routine, you become more aware of what you’re putting in your body and you start eating cleaner foods.

Why is there so much green juice (3 bottles on a Level 2 cleanse)?

The green juice, which has green leafy veggies and apple, is the workhorse of the cleanse. You start the day with it because an empty stomach best absorbs vitamins and nutrients. Also, we want to flood your system with as much green alkaline juice as possible to balance your pH level–a lot of people are really acidic.

How do the juices stay fresh for 3-4 days [three days worth of juices come in one delivery]?

We use a hydraulic press as opposed to the centrifugal presses that you find at most juice bars.  It exerts seven tons of pressure and extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and nutrients than a standard juicer. It presses out the oxygen that’s trapped in the pulp and removes the pulp altogether because we want to give your digestive track a total break. As an added bonus, because all the oxygen gets pressed out, the juices don’t oxidize and spoil as quickly.

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