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Photo: Facebook/SlimCado Avocados

Are you sitting down? Ready? There’s a whole new breed of avocado popping up in grocery stores, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Called the SlimCado, they are avocados grown in Florida that are actually bigger than the Haas variety you’re used to—they weigh six times as much. But despite the size, the SlimCados have half the fat and one-third the calories as regular avocados (hence the name). They’re also creamier, which anyone who has ever tried to peel a rock-hard avocado can appreciate.

So, what’s the catch? Well, rumor has it they don’t taste very good. (Sorry to smash your avocado dreams into guacamole.) Avocado lovers told the Wall Street Journal they were disgusted by the taste, and so was an editor at Cooking Light. One of our editors tried one as well—verdict: not into it.

Instead of SlimCado, a better name might be SlimeCado—apparently the fruit is a bit too creamy and is more like an avocado soup, which actually sounds sort of delicious except for the fact that SlimCados are sweeter than regular avocados, so according to taste-testers it’s a fail in both texture and flavor.

SlimCado is tradmarked and owned by a company called Brooks Tropical, which is hoping to encroach on the dominant Haas variety, which makes up 95 percent of the global avocado market, according to the Wall Street Journal. In order to succeed, it sounds like they’re going to have to come up with a way to grow firmer SlimCados. Maybe they should brainstorm over some nice summer avocado cocktails?

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