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Photo: Facebook/@SophiaBush

You’d think being a celebrity means you don’t have to spend your Sundays meal prepping for the week, but it turns out, that’s exactly what Chicago PD‘s Sophia Bush is doing.

Bush (or Brooke Davis, as she’ll forever be known to One Tree Hill fans) recently told Delish that she relies on her own home-cooked meals since the food on set isn’t exactly healthy. It turns out, she’s a total healthy food fiend. (Who knew, right?)

For example, she was way into bone broth before it was trendy, having grown up on it. “I make it out of the bones from the turkey in my turkey stew, often,” she says. “I think with this whole shift to wellness, everyone is sort of paying attention to more holistic foods that are full of vitamins.” She carves out time to make big pots of it to eat throughout the week, freezing the leftovers to thaw later.

But every girl has to have her go-to snacks right? For Bush, it’s seaweed, saying she goes through boxes of the stuff because she loves it so much.

And when it comes to noshing at night, she stays away from inflammation-causing nightshades (except potatoes, which she says she just can’t quit), after tomatoes and bell peppers caused some respiratory problems for her. Something else she’s cut back on? Dairy. The actress says she favors vegan cheese now, after learning the food group could be linked to her aforementioned respiratory problems.

Of course she’s not the only celeb with some cool healthy hacks up her sleeve. The way Adriana Lima cuts back on sugar is pretty genius. And you might want to adopt Selena Gomez’s morning ginger shot habit, too.