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Photo: Thinkstock/Katyenka

Oh, Starbucks. You really know how to make a girl’s heart beat faster—and not just because of the caffeine kick. In the biggest news since the coffee chain added almond milk to its menu last year, starting today, its stores are selling a new organic avocado spread. That’s right: you’re favorite healthy fat is now available at the Bux.

Starbucks avocado spread
Photo: Starbucks

It has some kick to it, too. Blended with sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper, and lime juice, the spread is sold in little plastic containers (at 95 cents each) so you can spread it on any of the breakfast or lunch sandwiches on the menu. (Or, you can buy it on its own to use when making your own avocado toast at home or work.)

Which leads to even more Starbucks news: There is also a new gluten-free breakfast sandwich on the menu (with smoked Canadian bacon) and a sprouted grain bagel, made with whole grains, brown and golden flax, sunflower seeds, and wheat. But nothing tops that avocado news—isn’t it comforting to know there are now 37,000 more places to find the buzzy green fruit?

Here’s how to get cheeky and wear your love for avocado. And have you tried the healthiest item yet on Starbucks’ menu