When holding down 3 jobs is just part of your workload

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Recently, Suja Juice gave six Well+Good readers a free week’s supply of handcrafted, cold-pressured organic juice for arguing best that they needed a juice intervention (who doesn’t?!). Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling their #itsthejuice stories, and sharing what surprised them most about their super-juiced week.

When Caylin Dadeo returned from a dream trip to Nicaragua, she felt relaxed and stress-free. Unfortunately, her life back at home gave her a serious reality check.

A senior at Siena College in Albany, NY, Dadeo not only faced the inevitable pile of school work that looms before graduation, but also an incredibly demanding extracurricular schedule. “I want to be an event planner, so right now I’m interning at an event planning company in Albany, but I also work at a local Italian restaurant helping with day-to-day operations, social media, marketing, and customer relations.” Oh and did we mention she’s a yoga instructor, averaging 10 classes a week?

Needless to say, she needed to be on her A-game the second she landed: “I usually start the day with a smoothie because I can get my protein in early and stay energized and full until lunch. We have a huge wedding this weekend at work, so I definitely needed to be alert and ready for anything this week,” Dadeo says.

Since she likes to stay active—besides yoga, she’s a big fan of Orangetheory and Pure Barre—the native Texan wanted to take extra care of herself after vacation, to focus on all of her work. “I feel like I’m generally really healthy,” she says. “I am very conscious about what foods make me feel good and keeping up with my diet, but with such a big transition from vacation-mode to work-mode, I really wanted to refresh so I wouldn’t fall behind, without losing any important protein or nutrients.”

Results: What were the three most surprising things about Dadeo’s weeklong #juicervention?

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1. Her energy levels were more consistent.

“But since all the juice had a variety of veggies and protein, I had constant energy throughout the day and I never felt a crash,” Dadeo says.

2. Juice actually tastes good.

“My dad is an Ironman who lives in Florida and he’s always made juices, but I’ve just never loved the taste,” she says. “But I liked every juice this week, which was surprising—even the ones that are kale-dense.”

3. Her productivity levels shot up.

“I usually spend so much time meal prepping and grocery shopping, but this week I had so much extra time,” explained Dadeo. “Especially in the mornings, without having to pack a lunch, I could squeeze in a workout or just sleep a little later.”

So, what kind of nutrition do you need for times when life is go, go, go?

“A student and a yoga teacher who’s around a lot of other people all the time would need to keep her immune system strong to prevent illness, so vitamin C is important,” says Amy Shapiro, RD, the founder of Real Nutrition, a New York City-based nutritional counseling center.

Lemon for vitamin C, which is key for immune system support, particularly for a student who may not get enough sleep due to her busy schedule, Shapiro says.

Pea protein for energy and staying power, as well as to prevent hunger. “As a a busy student, she needs something to prevent blood sugar drops,” Shapiro says.

Chia seeds for hydration and lasting energy, Shapiro says: “They also provide brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids usually found in seafood, which often doesn’t make it into the college student meal plan.”

Find these ingredients and more in Suja’s selection of juices: always organic, handcrafted, non-GMO, chemical-free, and preservative-free. 

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