When your travel-filled job disrupts your healthy lifestyle

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Photo: Alison Seibert


Recently, Suja Juice gave six Well+Good readers a free week’s supply of handcrafted, cold-pressured organic juice for arguing best that they needed a juice intervention (who doesn’t?!). Over the past few weeks, we’ve told their #itsthejuice stories, and shared what surprised them most about their super-juiced week.

There are two sides to Alison Seibert. On one hand, the New Yorker is incredibly serious about her fitness and health.

“I work out once a week with a trainer at Nimble Fitness on St. Marks, I practice yoga at Ishta Yoga and Laughing Lotus whenever I can, and I also love to run half-marathons, and go to the gym on my own to do spinning and strength training,” she explains.

And then there’s the professional side of Seibert. The native New Yorker is the founder of The James Collective, an NYC-based integrated marketing communications agency that represents clients in the food, beverage, and hotel industries—which means she’s constantly traveling.

“I’m always on the road visiting clients, and the job entails a lot of eating out and flying a ton. My most recent trip to Texas involved lots of Frito pies, tacos, and margaritas. I’m extremely into health and fitness, but I also want to enjoy the trips and experience my clients’ offerings, so I have to strike an interesting balance. If I’m not out for work I try to be 90 percent healthy in my normal life, work out every day, and eat very healthfully,” she says.

Even though her rules are in place, it’s always easier said than done. Coming back home is always a tricky transition for Seibert, so she often uses juice as a boost: “What I’ve found over the years, is that juicing helps me on all aspects of traveling, so I usually drink one right when I hit the ground in a new place and try to have at least one a day between all of the fun indulging.”

Results: What were the three most surprising things about Seibert’s weeklong #juicervention?


1. It kept her “salt tooth” at bay

“Although I eat pretty healthy, I’m lucky because I don’t really crave sweets, instead I love salty foods,” Seibert explains. “Almonds are basically like a food group to me, so while that’s not unhealthy, I usually have to monitor how much I’m eating and be careful not to overeat those salty snacks. But while drinking the juice, it was so easy to replace a salty craving with a sweeter juice and I eventually stopped craving salt.”

2. She felt more focused on her health goals

“It’s always exhausting to fly so much, but the juice really helped me reset and refocus on my healthy lifestyle back home,” says Seibert. “Incorporating these juices made my eating plan very black and white and help me slow down a little bit to really focus on what I’m putting in my body. It really helped me to reset and I didn’t feel as tired and drained after a long trip.”

3. She slept incredibly well

“With all of the pea protein in the juices, my energy levels were excellent throughout the day, but what surprised me most was how deep I slept every single night,” she explains. “Sometimes when I’m extra tired or a little out of my normal routine, I don’t sleep as well, but every night was great, so I was able to catch up on sleep really quickly.”

So, what kind of nutrition do you need when you’re trying to get back into your normal healthy routine?

“Post-vacation, and overdoing it, your GI tract can be a bit of a mess,” says Amy Shapiro, RD, the founder of Real Nutrition, a New York City-based nutritional counseling center. “Kale especially is great for a busy traveler—it’s the number-one superfood to help anyone who has been off track a bit.”

Pineapple aids in digestion, thanks to antioxidant bromelain, Shapiro says.

Cucumber is a natural diuretic that will help get rid of bloat, she says.

Kale is alkalizing and provides tons of antioxidants and vitamins, Shapiro says, to replenish those that were diminished during travel.

Find these ingredients and more in Suja’s selection of juices: always organic, handcrafted, non-GMO, chemical-free, and preservative-free. 

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