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5 Super Bowl party items on sale at Target Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Sean Locke

Although I don’t particularly care for sports, every year on that fateful Sunday, I find myself with plans related to the Super Bowl. And even though I can’t name a single sports team, I can acknowledge the national holiday that also celebrates high-budget commercials and snacks by either hosting or attending a Super Bowl party. It’s as good an excuse as any to gather with my squad for a fun time, after all.

Just like with Friendsgiving, food is a major part of this viewing event. And, just in time for the big weekend, some life- and meal-prep improving kitchen staples are on sale at Target. There’s a chips-and-dip serving plate (perfect for your healthy vegan seven-layer dip), a popcorn maker, and other great supplies to help you get through the pre- and post-amble of the halftime show.

And, so long as you’re already at Target, stock up on some beauty essentials too.

Get ready for your football weekend with these five on-sale kitchen tools.

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Need ideas for Super Bowl–appropriate snacks? Here’s how Gisele and Tom Brady’s chef would throw the party and the avocado recipe you haven’t thought of