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sweet potato pancakes Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Borislav Zhuykov

Sweet potatoes are a pantry staple year-round (you can use them in everything from brownies and pad Thai to chocolate pudding and salad), but during the winter, the superfood transforms into a super-ingredient that’s all but a required part of each and every meal.

The orange wonder brings a quality of heartiness and warmth to dishes with its creamy texture—and bonus points for it also being incredibly filling, thanks to its fiber content. But since the root veggie is the star of your winter kitchen, it can be difficult to continually find new, innovative, and tasty ways to prepare it.

Throughout the year (and, TBH, the last few weeks) Well+Good has doubled as a Rolodex of sweet potato goodness, so I compiled some of the greatest (and most seasonally appropriate) hits into this recipe guide to keep your tummy happy through the chilly season.

Check out 3 tasty and hearty sweet potato recipes below.

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Sweet potato tots
Photo courtesey Pam Krauss/Avery

1. Sweet potato tots with cumin beets and salted yogurt

chickpea sweet potato recipe
Photo: Alexandra Andersson

2. Chickpea-stuffed sweet potato

sweet potato chili recipe
Photo: Joel Kahn

3. Vegetarian sweet-potato-lentil chili

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