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Photos: Instagram/@krasinthusith

Think perfecting an avocado rose is impressive? Kras Inthusith is taking foodie art to the next level with his intricate fruit sculptures that are making the internet go crazy. (Because let’s face it, we could all use more mesmerizing beauty in our lives.)

From melons, to coconuts and citrus, the Thai artist’s stunning Instagram account shows that he has mastered it all, carving detailed designs using material that’s tricky to work with. And considering that fruit has an expiration date, he has to get his work done quickly. (Rotting sculptures just don’t have the same effect.)

Inthusith hasn’t done any formal interviews yet, but his art needs no explanation—and taking a moment to savor his designs can be soothing. (Consider it a fruity palate-cleanser after that long staff meeting.)

So if you’re feeling stressed out, ignore your inbox for the next 90 seconds and take in these very cool creations.

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food art

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