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Move over parfaits, there’s a scrumptious new trend in town that’s taking jarred foods to the next level—and they’re called smoothie stacks.

We all know Instagram is a prime location for showcasing colorful creations, and these new snacks are photographic gold. But don’t let all the pretty colors and beautiful presentation fool you.

The concept itself if pretty simple. All you need is a mason jar and a couple different brightly colored smoothie flavors. Pour them into a mason jar one-by-one so they stack on top of each other … and voila!

smoothie stack
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There are a few fun variations beyond the simple stack. If you want to mix things up a bit, you can give the colors a swirl and you’re set with a fun new look.

smoothie stack
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Or add some fruit and garnishes on top.

smoothie stacks
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This post originally appeared on AOL