The most tempting photos of veggies ever?


To combat the onslaught of turkey legs and holiday pies that took over our social feeds last month, we teamed up with Meatless Monday and asked readers on Instagram how they #FallforVeggies. (Vegetables were the original Thanksgiving bounty, after all.)

In response, hundreds submitted snaps of the prettiest plants and legumes the fall harvest had to offer—including pics from farmers, culinary luminaries, and regular old cooks like us making due in our tiny galley kitchens.

Here, from all the Instagram submissions, are the six veggie shots that we fell hardest for…

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swellmamablog fall for veggies

Green beans in their naturally beautiful state, sans cream of mushroom soup. Photo by @swellmamablog


redclogchef at union square greenmarket fall for veggies
The prettiest hill of beans. Photo by @redclogchef at Union Square Market


thecolorfulkitchen fall for veggies
The after-school snack all grown up. Photo by @thecolorfulkitchen


maral_arg fall for veggies Have you ever wanted a bushel of carrots more? Photo by @maral_arg


Food52 fall for veggies
From the food and food photography geniuses. Photo by @Food52


abbypaloma/growingheartfarm fall for veggies
Farm fresh. Literally. Photo by @abbypaloma at Growing Heart Farm


farmers market
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