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The Pump becomes Dig Inn Seasonal Market

The Pump
The Pump's Pine and Pearl location (Photo:

The Pump Energy Food, a fast-casual restaurant known for its health food history, is assuming a new identity today as Dig Inn Seasonal Market.

The new moniker, according to CEO Adam Eskin, is meant to broaden its customer base by conveying an important message—flavor, seasonal and local sourcing can be healthy and fast-ish.

But the new name doesn’t serve the food well.

Even if the revamped restaurant atmosphere is supposed to evoke a country inn, the name “Dig Inn” invokes an image of binging on Hungry Man TV dinners. Maybe that’s why all dishes are available as small plates, as well?

Adam Eskin
Adam Eskin of Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Fortunately, the new menu sounds like an innovative attempt at farm-to-take-out fare.

Eskin brought on professional chef Daniel Angerer, formerly of Klee Brasserie, to up the flavor ante. “His culinary sophistication has taken us to a whole new level,” says Eskin.

“We may get some backlash, but you won’t be able to get steamed spinach here anymore.” A replacement? Apple-braised swiss chard with raisins and roasted walnuts.

We’d eat that. And many of the other dishes.

Hopefully New Yorkers won’t miss out on Dig Inn Seasonal Market’s better-than-ever food because of a name that doesn’t at all suggest its healthy offerings.