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Photo: Unsplash/Alison Marras

When you’re hustling through your to-do list of working, working out, and then hanging out with your circle of #bossbabes (and probably so many other things), sometimes you have to grab a quick bite on the fly to tide you over. But new research shows that folks are totally making time for a healthy breakfast.

Data from the health-tracking app MyFitnessPal—including 100 million breakfast entries from August 2016 to August 2017 and social media findings from popular breakfast hashtags—showed just how much folks enjoy starting the day on a healthy note. Sure, those who use the tracking service are typically aiming to be healthy anyway, but the top breakfast trends of the year are notable regardless.

Not only did avocado toast’s popularity increase by nearly 50 percent this year, but the cult-favorite meal also popped up in more than 533,900 Instagram posts.

Avocado toast is still among the top-ranked trendy breakfast options, according to the report. Not only did its popularity increase by nearly 50 percent this year, but the cult-favorite meal also popped up in more than 533,900 Instagram posts. And millennials aren’t the only fans: Those aged 36 to 52 are getting in on the smashed fun with a 70 percent increase in the Gen X demographic.

As for the other popular breakfast trends, overnight oatsprotein pancakes, and frittatas mark the other dishes in the top four. But, despite all these healthy meals on the rise, one breakfast staple didn’t hold up: Green juice actually declined in popularity by 21.2 percent this year.

Still, whether you wake up with a hankering for avocado toast or a green juice, you’re still doing your body good as long as you feed it some nutrient-rich goodness to fuel your busy day ahead.

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