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Graphic by Emily McCarthy for Well+Good

The season for healthy holiday beverages officially upon us, and Trader Joe’s is ready for the celebrations: The company just unleashed a game-changing dairy-free doozy of a drink.

While TJ’s tends to release new goodies around Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year shoppers got an early gift from the affordable grocer: A new drink is on store shelves, and it’s rich, creamy, and totally dairy-free.

@TraderJoesList—an Instagram account unaffiliated with the company that keeps its followers up-to-date with all the new finds—just unveiled the grocer’s new Almond Nog, which calls itself rich and creamy (despite being dairy-free and super low-fat).

The nut-based beverage is low in fat, is a solid source of calcium, and, compared to many other mainstream eggnog products, isn’t horrible sugar-wise, clocking in at 8 grams per serving.

Per the container’s nutrition facts, the nut-based beverage is low in fat, is a solid source of calcium, and, compared to many other mainstream eggnog products, isn’t horrible sugar-wise, clocking in at 8 grams per serving. So, maybe grab a few cartons before the hot—er, um, chilled—ticket sells out so you can inject some lactose-lacking goodness into your healthy family holiday time. (Extra points if you enjoy a cup near a fireplace, surrounded by hygge-promoting accessories.)

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