What’s next for famed vegan food truck Cinnamon Snail

(Photo: Cinnamon Snail)
Cinnamon Snail
(Photo: Cinnamon Snail)

Famed vegan food truck Cinnamon Snail is one of New York City’s most highly rated restaurants, without even being a restaurant. And last year, it won the 2014 Vendy Cup, the respected award for the very best street food in the entire city.

So, it came as a huge shock when owner and executive chef Adam Sobel announced via Facebook on Valentine’s Day that the beloved breakfast, lunch, and baked-goods truck would be shutting down in a matter of weeks.

“We found out 24 hours before we announced our closing that our permit was not going to be renewed,” Sobel explains. “It’s really complicated running a food truck in NYC, and we decided it was time to move on.” Sobel said that the business has been dealing with permit and legal issues since it opened five years ago (also on Valentine’s Day, no less).

“I think most people who follow us online know it’s been very difficult for us to do this for a long time,” he says. “They love our food and they know what we’re about. But we’re not closing our business, we’re just doing something else instead of the truck.”

Hungry for what that might be?

Sobel says he has plans for a restaurant that’s not on wheels (hurry, please!), and wants to keep one of Cinnamon Snail‘s two trucks on the streets in Red Bank, New Jersey (where they also serve), and also for events and catering. Plus, his cookbook, Street Vegan, comes out on May 5, so fans can re-create recipes like his addictive Fresh Fig Pancakes at home.

“It’s bittersweet. I’ve poured a lot of money and hard work into developing the business,” he adds. “But despite the headaches, it allowed us to bring vegan food to a lot of people who would never go into a regular vegan restaurant.”

Cinnamon Snail’s last day in New York City is February 28, so you can expect an absolute mob scene while people line up for their last Ancho Chili Seitan Burgers and vegan donuts, galore. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit www.cinnamonsnail.com

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