Mulberry & Vine and Mimi Cheng’s are now serving bone broth

(Photo: Mimi Cheng's)
Mimi Cheng's
(Photo: Mimi Cheng’s)

Remember when we said this was going to be the year of bone broth? It’s happening even faster than we expected…

Two of New York City’s downtown healthy hotspots—Mulberry & Vine in Tribeca and Mimi Cheng’s in the East Village—both just added the nutrient-packed beverage to their menus, joining pioneering hotspot Brodo and delivery/pick-up outfits like the Oliver Weston Company and Bone Deep and Harmony.

“We’ve been wanting to add bone broths as offerings for some time,” says Mulberry & Vine owner Genevieve Lynch. “My mom, Charlotte, suffers from immunity issues and has made her own bone broth. When she’s been willing to share with us, we’ve felt so energized and amazing, we knew we had to get broths on the menu.”

The eatery is now serving broth made with local grass-fed beef bones, kombu, katsuobushi, roasted garlic, and a traditional mirepoix of onion, carrot, and celery, plus chicken broth made with local organic chicken, both simmered for 40 hours. They’re served in 12- and 16-ounce cups at $6 and $8 for beef and $5.50 and $7 for chicken.

Mulberry & Vine
(Photo: Mulberry & Vine)

Meanwhile, at Mimi Cheng’s, dumpling mavens (and sisters) Hannah and and Marian Cheng are making chicken broth only, with pasture-raised, organic chicken, which they simmer for 18 hours with fresh veggies like onions, kale, carrots, garlic, and scallions. It’s $4.75 for a cup, and you can add a “handmade fish ball” for another 50 cents.

“Fish ball soup is a traditional Chinese Taiwanese clear soup, and slow-simmered chicken soup is a medicinal soup that’s very popular in Taiwan,” Hannah explains. “We blend the best of both recipes and love that we can serve one that is responsibly sourced.”

Should we all place bets on who’s going to jump on the broth bandwagon next (or just savor the delicious, warming elixirs and be grateful for the gut-health boost)? —Lisa Elaine Held

Mulberry & Vine, 73 Warren St., between W. Broadway and Greenwich St., Tribeca,

Mimi Cheng’s, 179 Second Ave., between 11th and 12th Sts., East Village,

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