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Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

Attention Whole Foods shoppers: You’re not getting any money back anytime soon. Sorry.

Last year, Whole Foods made major headlines when the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs accused the superstore of “systematic overcharging [of] its pre-packaged products.”  The dispute was settled for $500,000, but two justice-seeking shoppers decided to file a class-action suit against the brand based on the city’s findings, hoping to recoup some of their (and our) losses.

On Monday, a federal judge dismissed their case, ruling that the customers couldn’t provide enough evidence that they personally had been ripped off, Food & Wine reports. Despite Whole Foods having already settled the previous lawsuit, the shoppers’ lack of receipts for the products they claimed to have purchased didn’t make for a strong enough case, the judge said.

The good news is that during the initial settlement, Whole Foods said it would start ensuring that foods were weighed and labeled properly, Food & Wine reports.

Note to shoppers: Consider hoarding your receipts, just in case. (Don’t tell Marie Kondo.)