Why Sam Smith’s nutritionist has a “protein shelf” and MCT oil in her fridge


Back in the spring, while singer Sam Smith was topping the charts with singles like Stay With Me, his nutritionist, UK-based Amelia Freer, was all over the morning shows to explain his impressive weight loss.

Freer’s approach to healthy eating, as explained in her book Eat. Nourish. Glow., is based on 10 nutrition commandments, including eating mindfully, staying consistent, avoiding refined sugar, and saying yes to healthy fats. And maybe an 11th—a well stocked fridge.

“I believe well-stocked fridge is the key to successful healthy eating,” says Freer. “I always try to have a shelf for proteins, some pre-prepared dishes, and leftovers for quick lunches or dinners.” You know, so tearing open a big bag of pita chips and a devouring a tub of hummus doesn’t count as dinner.

Still, she won’t say no to a bit of bubbly. “I like to encourage consistency, not perfection.” See what the celeb nutritionist has in her fridge right now… —Amy Marturana

Do you mostly cook at home? Yes. I tend to do a big cook up on a Sunday evening so I have things ready prepared for a few days. I’ve also been creating recipes for my new cookbook (Cook. Nourish. Glow., due out in 2016), so there’s a bit more food than usual. But I really don’t like eating out unless I know that the food is really good quality, fresh, seasonal, healthy, and delicious.amelia-freer-fridge

Interesting! In your book you say you’ve been dairy-free for 15 years. Is that rice milk your go-to alternative? I usually make my own. But I also buy coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk and rice milk—I switch them around.

What are in the mason jars? Nuts and seeds. I always store them in the fridge, which helps to preserve their oils.

Gotcha. How about that big bottle of white stuff in the back? It’s Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil. This is a great oil that I often add to coffee or cook with—it is a great source of energy and brain fuel.

Bulletproof-style! Cool. How often do you need to restock all those fruits and veggies? I’m lucky enough to grow my own vegetables and so I do get a regular stock, especially in summer. I like to cook with fresh veggies, as many as possible. But I’ll also juice them or freeze them—I hate waste.

Are those bottled waters that look like beer bottles? They are tonic water. I have them for when I entertain, as most of my friends prefer vodka or gin and tonic to wine.

Lower in sugar, no doubt. But I see some champagne on the middle rack, too … Yes, every girl must have champagne in her fridge. You never know when you might need to celebrate!

For more information, visit www.ameliafreer.com

(Photo: Amelia Freer)

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