Will you be able to get an organic burger at McDonald’s soon?

mcdondalds burger The latest burger joint serving organic beef patties is not yet another Bareburger location—it’s McDonald’s.

According to Eater, the fast food giant known more for meals that contribute to the obesity epidemic than careful ingredient sourcing will be testing two organic burgers this fall, for a limited time, at 1500 locations in Germany.

The first iteration of the “McB” will pair an organic beef patty with standard toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, and cheese “that are not necessarily organic,” and then a second version will come with arugula and “spicy sauce,” served on a sunflower seed bun.

While it’s a small step towards healthy offerings considering the thousands of locations scattered across every continent that produce junk food regularly, it’s a pretty big deal, too, especially given the fact that the company recently announced changes to curb its use of chicken that contained antibiotics and to source cage-free eggs.

And as the most influential fast food chain in the world, all of its moves put pressure on competitors and can affect the supply chain. “If McDonald’s decided to introduce an organic burger in the U.S., the increased demand for organic beef would change the face of farming throughout North America,” Eater noted.   Pink slime, you would not be missed.  —Jennifer Hare and Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit eater.com

(Photo: Facebook/ McDonald’s)

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