8 dream-inducing bedspreads on sale at Anthropologie right now

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For me, buying bedding is like buying towels in the sense that I truly don’t think about it until I ruin my entire supply. (What? You’ve never accidentally set a comforter on fire with a hygge-elevating candle or owned a duvet cover that literally starts to disintegrate?) In fact, the only subliminal reminder nudging me to upgrade my sleep sich is when I encounter a sale offering options that are equal parts beautiful and affordable.

Anthropologie’s luxe home section is a place I generally try to avoid unless I have some excess funds burning a hole in my pocket or if there’s an awesome sale. Well, good news for me, you, and the economy: Right now the retailer is hawking some dream-inducing duvets covers and quilts on super sale (the items have been on sale but are now an additional 25 percent off). So, the perfect time to nab a minimal yet colorful bedspread for your wabi sabi redecoration efforts is well, right now.

Don’t sleep on these luxurious bedding-sale options.

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