I found $15 sheets on Amazon so soft I’d be willing to pay $15,000

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Everyone in my office is always in hot pursuit of a bargain brag. Whether that means scoring a $100 pair of leggings at half price, or getting two-for-one deal on platform sneakers, you better believe we’re just waiting for a compliment so we can say, “Hey, thanks! I got them for $____ at ____ ! Can you believe it?” Thanks to the cheap bedding sets I scored on Amazon, I’m currently the reigning queen of the bargain hunters.

Sliding between these sheets, part of the Jill Morgan Fashion Bed Set ($15), feels like slipping into a bed-sized sweatshirt that’s been worn into unbeatable coziness. They’re sinfully soft. As someone who’s bought her fair share of cheap bedding sets, I know that’s not the norm. I’ve ended up with material that feels more like it belongs in a hospital than a five-star hotel. But my pal Jill Morgan has raised the bar.

According to Amazon, the sheets are made of 100 percent microfiber, a synthetic that Tomorrow Sleep tells me will begin ripping after a few washes (challenge accepted). However, the material might beat out cotton when it comes to keeping a sleeper cool all summer long. “Microfiber bed sheets have a distinctly thin light feeling yet tend to trap stagnant air within the sheets,” says the online mag. (I’ll update come July when NYC feels like a swamp.)

Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to do the quote, unquote “adult” thing and invest in a few nice sets of high-quality sheets. For now though, I’m perfectly content to enjoy the cards I’ve been dealt. I’ve promptly ordered two more of Jill Morgan’s Fashion Bed Set. Now, please excuse me, microfiber calls. It’s time for a low-priced, high-quality nap.

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