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The coffee filter hack to water your plants Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

Tending to a plant is not nearly as tedious as caring for a pet or a human, but it still requires a certain level of responsibility and a nurturing spirit. But if you’re the type of person (like me) who, on the rarest of occasions, falls asleep with makeup on, can’t commit to anything more involved than a three-step skin-care routine, or would rather have Amazon deliver your groceries than set foot in a grocery store, the idea of maintaining a thriving home-sanctuary jungle may seem far-fetched. However, a simple hack using a common kitchen staple could easily revolutionize your indoore garden.

Place a coffee filter between the dirt and the drainage hole at the bottom of your planter to enable water to flow while keeping the dirt inside your pot.

To save yourself a lot of headaches and work, Apartment Therapy suggests you place a coffee filter between the dirt and the drainage hole at the bottom of your planter. Obviously, most plants (but not all) need to be watered pretty regularly, which may seem like a non-issue, but as a new plant mom you’ll quickly learn that this can become problematic when water drags clumps of dirt through your planter’s hole and subsequently clogs it.

The barrier of a coffee filter enables water to flow while keeping the dirt inside your pot. Plus, if you’re likely to miss (or forget) a plant-watering sesh, the coffee liner is essentially a backup plan: It holds enough moisture to keep your bloom alive but not enough that it will cause root rot.

With this caffeine-friendly trick up your sleeve, your Zen den could grow to new heights.

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