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Design-friendly speakers to boost your home decor Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@urbanears

I believe anything worth spending money on should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing—doubly so when the item in question is part of your home decor, like a laundry hamper or your speaker system. As someone who spent an inordinate amount of time curating a carefully crafted vinyl setup (and a record collection to match), speakers are an integral part of the #lewk.

In my quest to find something that works well and also jibes with the wabi sabi vibes I’ve recently embraced, I came across the following sound-enhancing gems, which include a millennial pink(!) speaker.

Decor-wise, the options include blend-in-the-background pieces and speakers that, like your planters, look more like sculptures. Pick one, and fully immerse yourself in relaxing ambient noise or a guided meditation.

See the decor-improving speakers below.

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