This 12-foot-wide mattress wants to make your hygge-iest dreams come true

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Photo: Ace Collection

If you ever find yourself unable to stretch out as much as you’d like in bed or sometimes worry about rolling right onto the floor, there’s finally an über-cozy solution: A 12-foot-wide mattress.

According to PureWow, the online bedding retailer Ace Collection recently released a $2,750 mattress that’s pretty much the width of two king-size beds. That means you, your significant other, three dogs, a partridge, and a pear tree could all get a great night’s sleep—in fact, you’d probably even forget you’re all in the same bed (which is great since sharing sleeping space with your pets might not be advisable). Talk about hygge overload….

12 foot wide mattress
Photo: Ace Collection

There is one issue with this innovation that’s a literal dream come true: While Ace Collection does offer sheets, duvet covers, duvet fills, and bed frames in the larger-than-life size, you’ll definitely need to up your pillow game to populate the family-size mattress. And while you’re at it, stock up on top-rated silk pillowcases to keep your skin and hair as luxe as your bed.

This is why sleeping pills don’t give you quality zzz’s—and why you should try this all-natural sleep aid instead.

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