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10 host gifts that will make you the MVP of Friendsgiving

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Photo: Stocksy/Alberto Bogo

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means—if you’re not choosing to head out of town on the busiest travel day of the year—you’re probably headed to a Friendsgiving gathering. And, out of nowhere, finding a great host gift is way harder than what you’d ever imagined. Even though it’s just your friend—you know, someone who gets you and doesn’t need to be impressed with a fancy gift—that’s exactly why you feel all the more compelled to put in some effort. After all, healthy relationships are built on the little things.

So, what to do? You could just grab a bottle of wine, but A. it’ll be the nth bottle they receive, B. it’ll likely sit unopened, collecting dust for months, and C. it may lead to some potentially regrettable hangovers. So that covers what not to get, but what should you actually pick up for the host of your annual turkey feast (with people you’re not related to)?

After sifting through the backlogs of the internet, these are the best host gifts that feel a bit more personal than a bottle of tequila, with some added wellness-enhancing mojo, of course. Honestly, these picks are so good that I’m considering hosting my own Friendsgiving, just to be on the receiving end.

See the Friendsgiving gift guide below.

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