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Best fall candles for your healthy home Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@paddywaxcandles

Although I’ll never tire of my beautiful and practical essential oil diffuser, chilly weather practically demands for evenings spent in the soft glow of a warm fire. But as someone who lives in a New York City apartment without a fireplace or access to a bonfire, candles are imperative to setting the hygge mood.

Finding the perfect variety for fall is tough though—you want something that will make your home smell like fall but not like a sugary pumpkin spice latte or a cocktail of artificial scents. (And, duh, obviously one that won’t seriously jeopardize your health!)

The following candles are chic and sophisticated in appearance and aroma—sounds like the perfect answer to your Friendsgiving host gift dilemma, huh?

See the 12 fall-scented candles below.

Get Started

Pick your candle and cozy up with a pair of fuzzy, hygge-approved socks and a warm throw blanket.