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9 spaces that prove you need a Zen-chic swing in your apartment

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Photo: Instagram/@myfabulousdesign
Your favorite playground activity has gotten a majorly grown-up makeover.

Not only are swings now doubling as super effective—and unexpected—pieces of outdoor workout equipment, but they’re also cropping up inside some of the world’s chicest homes, sparking serious space envy on Instagram. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens…the possibilities for kicking back (and forth) are practically limitless.

What’s the appeal, you ask? “Hanging a swing indoors brings playfulness and a sense of joy to a room,” suggests Allison Bloom, San Francisco-based designer of Dehn Bloom Design. “Swings are emblematic of a rising design vibe that’s more bohemian, imaginative, layered, and open.” (In other words, they perfectly compliment your crystals and meditation altars.)

Just as inspirational art on your walls may infuse your day with positivity, a swing has the potential to completely soften your mood—just try to walk past one without stopping, sitting, and chilling out for a few minutes. (And don’t be surprised if the Zen-like movement puts you into a meditative state.) Plus, it’s the ultimate dinner party ice breaker, says Bloom: “A swing encourages guests to engage with the room and each other.” 

And don’t feel like you need to have a pad that looks like Gwyneth’s to make it fit in. “Swings can be designed to work with any kind of décor,” notes Bloom. “With the right cushions and base materials, they can be beautifully made for sunrooms, living rooms, [or] family rooms.” A boho cocoon adds inviting texture to a cozy corner, while a carved wooden swing is ideal for minimalists. (Or, if DIY is more your style, why not make a craft day out of it and build your own?)

Just make sure you leave enough space around your swing to avoid damaging the walls or furniture—the designer recommends a five or six-foot diameter—get special, sturdy hooks, and install the swing into strong ceiling beams so that you and your interior design dreams don’t come crashing down. (If you’re really nervous about ticking off your landlord, opt for one that comes with a stand.)

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Photo: House of Jade Interiors
Photo: House of Jade Interiors

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Photo: Instagram/@moore_creative

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Photo: Chris Loves Julia

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Photo: Instagram/@summerb_jewelry

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Photo: Instagram/@happilygrey

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