Savasana’s got nothing on Jenni Kayne’s new ultra-relaxed home collection

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Photo: Jenni Kayne

When you think of California designer Jenni Kayne, inevitably some aspect of your closet comes to mind. Maybe it’s crisp button-downs, clean-lined dresses, cashmere knits or those ever-popular mules. But no matter what grabs you about the SoCal-inspired staples, Kayne has undoubtedly been mastering a sophisticated take on soft basics since her eponymous label launched in 2003. And she’s been hard at work to bring those same easy-does-it vibes to your home.

After successful collabs with Earth Tu Face (a purely plant-based skincare line), Parachute (luxe, European bedding), and Tappan (an online-only source for exclusive artwork), Kayne decided to bring her warm, minimalistic aesthetic to the interiors world. “All these collaborations made me think about how an everyday item can be made to feel a little bit more luxurious and thoughtfully designed,” she says.

The resulting collection is all about touch (alpaca, shearling, and heavyweight linen show up throughout the line) and the textures are as livable as Kayne’s classic fashions. “I’m always inspired by nature and the idea of warm minimalism and I think that comes through in the collection’s soft, neutral color palette, beautiful textures, and simple shapes.”

For a collection about warmth and small luxuries, the timing of the Jenni Kayne Home launch couldn’t be more perfect with the holidays afoot. “I also knew I wanted to incorporate some small lifestyle items like slippers, sleep masks, and travel pouches, and the holiday season felt like the perfect time to share them with people,” she says. Here, we share the most giftable items from the collection.

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Jenni Kayne
Photo: Jenni Kayne

Leather Coasters, $55

An eternally-welcomed hostess gift, these vegetable-tanned leather coasters can blend into any setting. Plus, the leather will become darker and even more beautiful over time.

Jenni Kayne
Photo: Jenni Kayne

Alpaca Stripe Throw Blanket in Ivory and Oatmeal, $325

It’s pretty impossible not to feel good about life when you’re wrapped in an alpaca blanket. The alpaca throw blankets and pillows, which are all made by a women-owned factory in Peru, are an extension of our knitwear program, really,” says Kayne. “They have the same incredible quality and timeless design.”

Jenni Kayne
Photo: Jenni Kayne

Linen Seam Square Pillow in Natural, $135

Kayne’s luxe heavyweight linen pillows could have been lifted from virtually any Nancy Meyers set. They’re filled with feather down so they’re perfectly fluffy for a nice long holiday snooze and the exterior linen gets better over time.

Jenni Kayne
Photo: Jenni Kayne

Shearling Moroccan Slippers, $250

I like to call these Jenni Kayne’s mules in hygge-mode. They’re basically an ultra-cozy rendition of the stylish shearling slippers that might even tempt you to wear them out of the house.


Alpaca Eye Mask in Oatmeal, $85

The satin inside goes soft on eyes, while the simplistic oatmeal alpaca exterior makes for a sophisticated eye mask.

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