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Photo: Instagram/SpiceWildflowers

Blue moons haven’t seen such a good year since Elvis first crooned about them in 1956. After starting 2018 off with the super-blue blood moon and lunar eclipse crossover, you’d better believe that this is the year of lunar everything. Take: moon ritual meet-ups (both IRL and online), celestially inspired workout gear, and even learning how to find true love based on the moon’s phases. Yeah, it’s a thing.

So as women look to connect with nature and bring the outdoors inside (a la indoor plants and nature inspired wallpapers)  it stands to reason that lunar-inspired home decor is the next obsession to hit. With moon-shaped vases and crescent-cut wall lights,  you’ll get that moonlit glow—without having to step foot outside. Think of these as another way to tune in to the divine vibes. Or better yet, consider it an additional reason to host your own moon meet-up.

Scroll down to shop 7 lunar home decor and accessories that’ll make your space feel, well, out of this world.

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Need more proof that the moon rules 2018? Check out these lunar leggings, sports bras, and bags or learn how to create a new or full moon ritual at home.