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The best meditation nooks on Pinterest Pin It
Photo: Pinterest

With meditation, you either love it, or you aspire to love to love it. Regardless of which camp you fall into, a meditation nook can breathe new life into your practice. I mean—just look at these inspiring, moment-of-Zen pillow piles and altars.

My personal philosophy is that if something looks good, you’re twice as likely to stick with it. (Case in point: woo-woo wellness and diffusers.) From the limitless supply of DIY and home decor on Pinterest, I’ve picked the seven most soothing-looking corners of happiness to inspire aspirational meditators to nail down a practice. (This time it’ll stick.)

So, which one calls to you?

See the (literally) Pinterest-worthy meditation spaces below.
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Need some help getting started? Try Lululemon and Gabby Bernstein’s guided meditation and this one, which is perfect for navigating the holidays.