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Photo: Ikea

Flipping through the Ikea website is an oddly similar experience to walking through the store: You start off with a sense of purpose (I’m here for plates, and just plates), only to be distracted by all of the bedside tables, kitchen islands, various shining trinkets, and, of course, functional shelving units. Ikea’s latest launch, its Winter home collection, is chock-full of grab-worthy pieces that make you mentally calculate your apartment’s square footage. (No, I don’t have room for two dining room tables.)

The collection is full of throw blankets and pillows that are perfect for hygge season, but the real stars of the show are an impressive array of lighting options. Chief among them? The Stråla LED chandelier, which is perfect for your hygge home.

Not only does it kind of look like the bottom half of a snowflake, but lighting is also a non-negotiable when it comes to brightening up your winter home and getting ahead of seasonal affective disorder. Plus at $25 a pop, you can pretty much go HAM and put two in every room.

See the hygge home chandelier below.

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If you do go for that Ikea shelving unit or cat house, let a TaskRabbit set it up for you (since the Swedish company recently acquired the start-up).