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Photo: Instagram/@bevhillshotel

The idea of wallpaper may conjure images of your grandmother’s walls or the bedrooms in some throwback horror films. But if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that everything old (or something simply overlooked or underestimated) is not only back, but also chic AF. Case in point? Wallpaper.

Over the past few months, my Instagram feed has been full of photos of restaurants, cafés, and bars with decor that seems pretty much built around wallpaper selection—like this gem in San Francisco, this one in Chicago, or this one in New York City. The lesson from these places is that faux greenery via wallpaper will make your locale shockingly Instagrammable and will also alleviate your (my) plant problem.

Because even if you do get a supposedly unkillable plant, things still happen, but wallpaper is a surefire way to get your “plants” to live through the winter. With the iconic banana leaf wallpaper of the Beverly Hills Hotel in mind, I’ve curated the best permanent and temporary jungle-vibes wallpaper prints.

Maybe you’ll even feel some mood-boosting effects from your faux shrubbery.

See the wall art below.

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Doubling down on the greenery? Try these hanging planters or the three types about to take over your Instagram feed.