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Etsy says Wabi Sabi is about to be a major trend Pin It
Photo: Etsy

As much as minimalism makes for some highly Instagrammable decluttered spaces—complete with Wes Anderson–esque clean lines of symmetry—there is something to be said about the way peculiarities and incongruities make certain places radiate with warmth and and a homey vibe. So somewhere between a hoarder’s paradise and Marie Kondo lies a middle ground: Wabi Sabi.

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese concept of taking pride in finding beauty in imperfection, which may manifest in your stretch marks (works of art), that gap tooth (adorable), or a set of mismatched semi-chipped plates. And, according to Etsy, it will be one of the top home-decor trends this year, with perfectly imperfect items at the helm, like handmade ceramics, wrinkled linen sheets, and lightly distressed wood.

In the interest of comfort and aesthetics (which also kind of feels like the Japanese version of hygge), here are some Etsy picks to introduce you to the world of Wabi Sabi.

See 6 items on Etsy that’ll make your home a Wabi Sabi wonderland.

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