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As the temperatures inevitably drop around this time of year, so do the moisture levels of your skin—leaving your complexion feeling more sensitive and dried out than it normally would. While face oils and whipped, lighter-than-air moisturizers do wonders for skin, they’re not a head-to-toe dry-skin cure-all. For that, you need the multitasking hero known as the balm (or salve).

Besides being occlusive—meaning, they create a physical barrier to lock in the good stuff and block out the bad—balms and salves can help to condition rough patches, they work well as a lip balm or eye cream; and they’re able to soften even the most calloused runner’s heels when spread on feet before bed. My personal favorite hack, though, is to use a skin balm as a frizz fighter, because it also works wonders on split ends and cowlicks.

You could call it a miracle cream, but it’s not: it’s a balm—or a salve.

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