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Photo: Instagram/@lululemon

Ah, the tank top—the unsung hero of your fitness wardrobe staples. One with a deep-cut side showcases your go-to strappy sports bra while a different style replaces the undergarment altogether. Whichever style you favor, tanks let you wear your #girlpower right on your sleeve—or deliberate lack thereof.

The knotted tank brings back that on-trend ’90s vibe while providing structure to what would otherwise be a loose shirt. That bit of tailoring helps keep your top in place while you’re busy perfecting your tripod pose. It’s the little things (like a tiny knot), you know?

Ready to get tied up? Check out the 10 not-so-basic tanks below.

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Want a complete outfit? Try layering your new tank with a swish sweatshirt and some basic black leggings.