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Photo: Instagram/@bandier

It might be hard to believe now, but there was once a time, in a galaxy far, far away (JK—it was in this galaxy, like a handful of years ago)—when wearing leggings in places outside the gym was considered barbaric. I know. Crazy.

Now, we all live in our leggings. We dress them up to go out in comfort (and style), and we pick up multiple new pairs when they go on sale.

Even in this era of 24/7 leggings—thanks in part yoga-pant activists and accidental airplane-attire trailblazers , a pair has to be really be special to be worthy of that price tag. But certain leggings out there are basically works of art, and when you stumble upon one of those, there’s no purchase-justification necessary.

Besides, it’s almost Fashion Week, and a pair of hyper-cool leggings improves your chances of accidentally ending up on a street-style blog. And that, fellow legging fiends, is priceless.

Check out these 10 splurge-worthy leggings.

Wondering what the new leggings will be? Some think it’s sweatpants. Others are saying flowy pants