11 hot new fitness fashion brands to sweat in this summer

Fitness fashion gets more diverse and exciting every day, and this spring saw the launch of a slew of new brands and collections. Here's what to wear.
Nina B. Roze Yoga and spin classes used to be seas of sweaty Lululemon logos. Not any more. Fitness fashion gets more diverse and exciting every day, and this spring saw the launch of a slew of new brands and collections.

Each adds its own element of innovation to the mix—from an upgrade to the classic, casual racerback tank to leggings that flatter and frame your butt with a heart (see above).

We squatted, stretched, and cycled in pieces from these new brands to bring you the best intel on what to sport during your outdoor boot camps and yoga classes this summer. Check them out now… —Lisa Elaine Held and Melisse Gelula

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Bodha Clothing BODHA

This Aussie brand, which launched in 2011, is making its way to the U.S. this summer, to the joy of urban yogis. (Look for trunk shows at Exhale and Pure Yoga coming soon.) Its willowy items are made with natural fabrics—cotton, wood, and wool—and are super soft against the skin, as you flow through a sun salutation or lounge on the sofa.

“I want Bodha to support and inspire women to find ways to reconnect with themselves—maybe that’s through going to a yoga class, maybe it’s simply taking a moment to enjoy a cup of tea,” says founder Emily l’Ami.

The color is palette pretty and muted, with navy and gray alongside deep blue and orange, and everything feels high quality. We love the Yoku Drape Tank ($98) with a built-in bra also acting as a pop of color and the super chic Koyo Knickerbockers ($98), which cinch just under the knee. www.bodhaclothing.com




This Montreal-based brand is looking to cater to the young, plugged-in generation, by selling only online, via a members-only platform (you can log-in via Facebook or provide an email and password).

Its designs are performance-enhanced versions of classic items, like the crew-neck tee and racerback tank, and it’s planning on adding leggings, shorts, and post-workout pieces as it grows. Founder Daniel Lieberman says selling online means a savings for us. “By avoiding brick-and-mortar costs of stores, we can cut the costs of traditional retail and provide high-quality pieces at a fair price point,” he says.

We loved The Racerback Tank ($25), which, despite its casual-chic look, is actually super moisture-wicking. www.coryvines.com




Ellie is the new project of the team behind former monthly delivery box company PV Body, and if you’re still into the idea of switching your wardrobe every 30 days, you can join as a member to pick two items per month for $49.95.

Its leggings and tops include pretty colors for warmer months and super-cute design details like patterned panels, ruching, and open backs. We love the Electric Love Capri ($54.95) (although its seriously riffing off Electric Yoga) and the Truth or Dare Carbon tank ($39.95)

Downside: Fit can be inconsistent from item to item, and our pants got seriously pilled after just a few washings (no dryer). www.ellie.com




Conquering Lion founder Kelly Morris brings a breezy, beautiful cool factor to this new Hyde line for yogis who like clothes that flow and breathe (as opposed to suck in and wick). ”When I practice yoga, I really want to have mobility,” Morris explains.

You won’t find spandex or synthetics, but 100 percent organic cotton in colors inspired by India, like marigold, peony pink, and sky blue.

It’s just four simple tops ($45–$65) that will look fabulous on a mat, or at a beach party in Montauk. www.yogahyde.com



Nina B. Roze NINA B. ROZE

This LA-based brand is in the same sexpot fitness category as Michi and Nesh—with abundant sheer and shimmery panels, lace, and ruffles—and it made waves this year with its presence at the Oscars.

Founder Nina Berenboym combined her super active lifestyle with Victorian-era inspiration to design it. “I wanted to inspire women to take better care of themselves, while wearing something sexy and functional,” she says.

The Heart Butt Leggings ($99) are the hottest, booty-accentuating workout pants we’ve seen in a long time, but a warning: our showed the first beads of sweat in an easy barre class. We’re wearing them to brunch from now on.




You’ll find this new, fresh-and-edgy collection on the racks at Nordstrom. (Or, at least, you could. It’s selling like hotcakes.)

The stylish pieces pair a sweet, summer-in-the-city color palette with rad designs—giant arm-hole tanks to got-to-have print leggings ($42). The price point ($14.50–$48) is as happy-making as its of-the-moment deep scoop floral print tank ($32).

That Unit Y pieces are not the most supportive or high-performance is to miss the whole point.



After making collegiate logo sweats and hats for decades, Colosseum recently rolled out a contemporary workout collection with a fashion focus and an affordable price point ($38–$68). Celebrity fitness trainer Ashley Borden consulted on the designs, which include a runway-inspired pair of harem-pant sweats for lounging to performance pieces, like floral-print tanks ($50) flattering sports bras with ruching and a zipper pocket ($48), no-peeking layer shorts ($46) and more—all with moisture management and anti-chafing seams.





“Hot!!!” “Want.” “Must Have.” These are just a few of the Instagram comments on the super-stylish, bright-and-bold looks that Australian-based L’urv is turning out. Think: wind-proof jackets in tangerine ($205), chic zippered leggings ($130), and neon sports tops. The luxe sportswear brand ($70–$205) launched in 2012, but just came stateside via Carbon 38, and is already super coveted.





Theory is the latest fashion brand to create an activewear collection. To adorn its chic customer (and woo new, fitness-minded ones), Theory 38 created cute tanks for brunch or the gym, loose-cut pants from cute knee-length crops to ankle-length nylon pull-ons, and an array of jackets, including a must-have olive one. We’re especially smitten with the collection’s shorts that come in shard-print, metallic, camo, and more.



The sporty performance collection ($40–$65) is made up of three tech-knit core pieces that are meant to help keep you super dry—a Soma 3D pull-over with a half-zipper (pictured) the Soma 3D crew-neck top for running, and Bliss leggings, all in shades of gray.

Colors make an appearance in zippers, which strikes the right note for those who like to dabble, not douse, themselves with hot pink or lime.

Breathable panels in high-sweat areas also add an aesthetic function, giving subtle shadowing and shaping. And come fall, FERA will debut chic pieces, like bright puffer vests and colorful leggings.



yoga smoga YOGA SMOGA

Yoga Smoga’s MO is making high-performance, modern clothing that retains a connection to yoga’s ancient Indian roots.

The seriously technical, wicking fabrics rival Luon (but is probably too thick for workouts on 90-degree days) and an engineered shade of black that is as dark (and flattering) as the night.

Its Indian roots can be seen in a color palette that includes deep pinks, oranges, and blues, and in its commitment to Namaskar—a foundation that promotes health, education, and microlending in the remote villages of the Himalayas. We recommend trying the Run, Jump, ‘N Play Crop ($88) for size. www.yogasmoga.com




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