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Sweatshirts are no longer just for the varsity set—or for working out. The casual look has left the locker room for the closets of the chic. (You can thank Lucien Pellat-Finet and his $1,895 studded Skull Hoodie in part for that.)

Now, swish sweatshirts and haute hoodies pushing the $200 mark are popping up in collections like Marc by Marc Jacobs, T by Alexander Wang, and Rebecca Minkoff (pictured). 

Just like the lust-worthy designer sneakers that we’ve been seeing everywhere, it appears the fashion world continues to be as obsessed with fitness as we are.

Here are 11 hot, high-style sweatshirts featuring luxe materials and high-design details that you may not want to break a sweat in. —Jamie McKillop and Melisse Gelula


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Marc by Marc Jacobs Win Loopback Terry Sweatshirt

The little sister line to Marc Jacobs is known for its contemporary pieces with a high fashion aesthetic. This sweatshirt is no exception. Chic without screaming “trying to hard,” this effortless pull-over is the perfect choice for a lazy weekend brunch with (glamorous) friends.



Free City L.N.L. LARGE Sherpazip Hoodie

This Hollywood-based brand is virtually as synonymous with L.A. as palm trees and sunshine. And with good reason. The super-soft, coveted sweatshirts are adorned with various positive messages, making them happiness clothing through and through.



Rebecca Minkoff Leather Sweatshirt

Rebecca MinkoffFashionistas from coast to coast love the New York-based designer’s handbags, which probably pair better with this sweatshirt than your gym bag. Its leather sleeves is an edgy take on the classic American sweatshirt.



51 Inc Gossamer Hoodie

51 Inc Gossamer Hoodie II

We fell hard for this feather-weight pullover at Story in Chelsea. Its made with tencel and wool yarns, has a gorgeous collar-bone-revealing neckline with silk trim, and a relaxed hood that drapes off the shoulders. Layer it over your yoga leggings for an easy to-and-from the studio look. (Or we will.)

$230 at Story or


T by Alexander Wang Rainbow French Terry Sweatshirt

Alexander Wang’s been way ahead on this trend. The new Balenciaga creative director has always demonstrated a flair for fitness-inspired fashion, and has a history of making cool casual cuts and youthful styles that stay polished. Another example of Wang’s luxurious basics is this two-color sweatshirt. Wear it under a leather jacket and black skinnies to pack a city-chic punch.



Wildfox Learn Italian Destroyed Top

Wildfox is known for their super-provocative sayings and messages plastered on otherwise simple pieces. Witness the “Learn Italian” top, printed with a playful bucket list. It serves as a daily reminder to search for adventure and excitement wherever possible. And considering this sweatshirt comes already substantially distressed, it’s probably a fit for someone relaxed and artful about their journey (and fashion).



HELMUT Soft Hooded Sweatshirt

This piece is part of HELMUT, the soft, casual counterpart line to the rigorously stylish house of Helmut Lang. The comfy sweatshirt has a geometric cut that riffs on the Lang collection. It’s a natural choice for the woman who wants comfort without sacrificing her fashion credibility.



Michi Aurora Hoodie

Michi is the Chanel of the fitness fashion world, transforming the treadmill into a catwalk. The new Aurora Hoodie continues the high fashion, high performance aesthetic, and is meant to be worn on a jog or to the gym without fear that you might run into your ex looking frumpy. It also comes in a sexy cropped, pull-over style.



Saint Laurent Jersey Sweatshirt

Saint Laurent ranks with Givenchy and Dior in the upper echelons of the fashion world. So it’s a surprise to see the esteemed house get into the gym-inspired apparel game. Still, this cotton-jersey blend sweatshirt with grosgrain trim will earn you some serious street cred. When worn with a leather mini and gold cuffs, Saint Laurent proves once again that they can make just about anything effortlessly chic.


Kings of Cole Pull Over Hooded Sweatshirt

Created by fashion newcomer Elana Brynes, Kings of Cole is already a favorite of fitness gurus and celebrities. Her sexpot sweatshirts come in a rainbow of colors, with eye-catching hardware (gold zippers are a thing). And tend they tend to have a long, lean look and mini-skirt length. Based on the early sucess of this sweatshirt-loving brand, we’re excited to see what the queen of colorful casual stitches together next.



Tibi Starfish Sweatshirt

Tibi’s signature feminine appeal is written across this pull-over patterned with cute starfish decals. More than just a festive top to save for Fourth of July, it’s a sweet addition to your closet now, flying in the face of a dreary and gray New York winter. Wear it to get into the mood for an upcoming energy-filled dance cardio class or slip it on to add a bit of light-heartedness to a serious day.



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