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Photo: Stocksy/Alessio Bogani

How do you know a wellness ingredient has officially made it? When it’s embraced by the beauty industry. Case in point: chlorophyll. It first made its way through the wellness world, getting added to vegan pizzas and blue spirulina drinks, and then it moved into beauty.

The latest wellness favorite to get the beauty seal of approval is matcha. The anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-fighting superfood is starting to show up all over shelfies, not just in Starbucks snaps, and it totally makes sense why. Those same antioxidant qualities that you love so much about matcha are present in skin-care products infused with the ingredient.

So why not let your skin drink up the benefits? Here’s a selection of matcha-infused products that will brighten, detox, and exfoliate your skin.

Get your glow on with these 12 matcha-packed natural-beauty products below.

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