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Photo: Instagram/@openingceremony

Animal prints may never go out of style, but snakeskin is currently having a moment—and not just thanks to Taylor Swift. The pattern has been trending for a solid year now, and it continues to be big this fall.

Snakeskin can function as a neutral but adds a little spice via texture and visual interest.

What’s great about snakeskin is that it can function as a neutral but adds a little spice via texture and visual interest (the same goes for other species’ prints, like leopard and cheetah).

But if you’re still thinking, eh, snakes—really not my thing, you can slither into the idea with a pair of textured kicks. These selections range from options that have just a subtle snakeskin detail or go bolder with an all-over print. Snakeskin might be the new red lip—there’s an option for everyone.

Slip into your new second skin with these picks.
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