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bikini for surfing

Did your Fourth of July trip to the beach include an unintentional burlesque show for beachgoers? Don’t panic—we can help.

These five bathing suits (for every body type) can handle waves and sand volleyball—and still have a sexiness suitable for lounging on a beach blanket.

Plus, they eschew the unflattering cuts and less-than-chic busy prints of old-school athletic swimwear. Try one on now before your August week in the Hamptons is here.


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CalaveraCalavera’s tagline is literally “the bikini that stays on,” and the suits are worn often by professional surfers and volleyball players. The cuts and prints are fun and flattering, and you put your own suit together in a mix-and-match free-for-all.



athletaAthleta’s Tide Pool Bandeau Bikini looks like it would be around your waist as soon as you jumped in the pool, but it comes with a surprisingly secure detachable halter strap. So you can change your look when you switch from lounging to swimming.



natural beauty products
How about a natural sunscreen to protect your skin, a sulfate-free shampoo to wash away the beach, or a tinted moisturizer for a gorgeous summer glow?

Check out the selection at Saffron Rouge, which stocks only natural and organic beauty products.

Plus you always get free product samples with your purchase. Click here to shop now!




Malia MillsLet’s face it: one-piece suits are just more secure. But they’re very rarely as fashion-forward. Malia Mills’ Starlet takes the one-piece to a new level—it’s so old-fashioned chic you could practically wear it to a cocktail party.




Sometimes less is more, and it doesn’t get much simpler than Patagonia’s Solid Kupala Top and Sunamee Bottoms. The company knows how to craft quality sportswear, so you it’ll be a reliable item you can reach for every time the paddleboard comes out.



LoleWe could totally see you doing sandy sun salutations in Lole’s Argentina Tankini. The boho suit has adjustable, convertible straps to perfect the fit, plus quick-dry fabric for comfort.



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