7 fall fitness fashion trends to try right now

Sophia We know you, and just because summer is over, your fitness routine isn’t going to fall by the wayside.

Lucky for you, fitness fashion designers’ fall collections incorporate some seriously flattering, fun style trends this year—from color blocking to faux leather—so you can look amazing while you stay active.

We consulted activewear guru Sophia Chang (pictured above) to bring you the seven hottest trends to watch for, and wear, this season. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Nelson Park)


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Color Blocking

Color blocking, AKA pairing bold opposites from the color wheel in geometric patterns, is present in fall collections from Derek Lam X Athleta (pictured), Splits59, and more. It’s a trend that will help you “stand out from the crowd with your moves and your outfit,” says Chang.

(Photo: Athleta)


Bandier High-Waisted Leggings

Great for spin classes when you may be self-conscious about the back of your leggings riding down and for your yoga flow, high-waisted leggings mirror the high-waisted pant trend that’s been present in streetwear for a while now, and nearly every brand, like Strut This, pictured above, is rising waistlines this year. “Sometimes we all need to keep our tummies tucked, I’ve been there,” says Chang.

(Photo: Bandier)


Outdoor-voices-crop Bralettes

Perfect to pair with the aforementioned high-waisted legging for just a flash of midriff, the popularity of bralettes is one trend we saw this summer from brands like Phat Buddha, Olympia, and Michi, and it’s continuing into fall, with looks like the Outdoor Voices outfit pictured above. “This is always a cute look, as long as you have enough coverage and support for your specific workout,” Chang explains. AKA you probably don’t want to rock this one for a long run (especially come November).

(Photo: Outdoor Voices)


mara hoffman cape Capes and Ponchos

Okay, hear us out on this one. “Great for post-workout, especially when you’re sweaty and you don’t need clothing sticking to your skin, they pair so well with simple leggings and sneakers,” Chang says. Look out for them from brands like Mara Hoffman, pictured, and Alala.

(Photo: Carbon 38)


Tracksmith Retro Gym Style

A throwback to high school gym class days (especially of the 70s), brands like Tracksmith, Outdoor Voices, and Victory Sportswear (plus select pieces from big companies like Under Armour) are rejecting the high-tech performance aesthetic and are popularizing an updated retro look with basketball shorts and jersey materials.

(Photo: Tracksmith)


Screen-Shot-2015-09-09-at-3.00.32-PM Faux Leather

Not one that Chang recommends for performance reasons, faux leather has been a prevalent trend in fitness fashion for a while now, and we think the leather-like look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with brands like First Base (shown above), Koral, and ADay 100 percent on board.

(Photo: Carbon 38)


Zara Merlot

The burgundy-like color is popping up in lots of collections, like with this shimmery Zara Terez bra and in paisley patterns from The Upside. “If it’s not integrated into your outfit, it should be your nail polish color, just saying,” Chang advises. Duly noted.

(Photo: Carbon 38)



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