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beach-wavesShiny skin, frizzy hair, sunburn, bacne…sigh. Summer is not exactly the easiest time to look put together.

But whether you’re fresh out of the ocean or are dressing up for an outdoor dinner party, these resources will help you deal with the beauty woes that come with 90-degree days.

So you can enjoy a few more calm, cool, and clear-skinned weeks of August. —Emily Karr

1. 12 essential natural sunscreens
We like our sunscreens loaded with minerals—that is, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—not chemicals. These road-tested picks top our list.

2. 11 natural products that fix summer beauty freak-outs
We all have days when we’re sweaty, frizzy, and fried. Luckily, the natural beauty world’s got answers.

3. 9 healthy foods that reduce bloating
Got a bloated tummy and a beach day rapidly approaching? Here’s how to feel like yourself again with healthy foods you should be eating anyway.

4. 7 natural sea salt sprays for sexy beach waves
When you can’t count on the ocean to perfectly tousle your hair on a hot summer day, these products are the next best thing.

5. The summer beauty secret for beating breakouts
These two fermented foods will do wonders for preventing pimples. (Not that you ever get them.)

6. How to dry brush your body for the beach or the pool
Forget snake-oil cellulite products. Dry brushing is an under-rated, over-looked method for getting gorgeous gams. Our expert explains how to do it.

7. 9 summer beauty foods for no-makeup-needed skin
Beat the heat—and breakouts—with these cooling beauty foods for glowing summer skin.

8. 14 beauty uses for coconut oil
Never mind that it’s found in the kitchen, coconut oil has become the moment’s most obsessed about natural beauty staple.

9. Skin-care tips from gorgeous people who sweat for a living
Fitness instructors need their skin to look glowy, not grimy, which isn’t easy when you workout all day. Here, top trainers spill how they stay looking fresh.