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Photo: Asos

The resurgence of the ’90s has shifted from a question to a statement. Scrunchies are in, biking shorts are back, and Lisa Frank is everywhere. Adding to that endless list of revamped, nostalgic trends is none other than the tearaway pant.

The pre- and post-soccer–practice pant of your childhood has gone through a major glow up since you saw it last. Now, you can get your fix from classic brands (Adidas, Kappa) in some classic silhouettes, but since this is also the future (at least from the perspective of the ’90s), your options have increased exponentially.

You can get your snap-up track pants in tailored, sleek (silk), and chic silhouettes and fabrics—appropriate for a pre-spin-class cover up and cocktail hour alike. Rounded up are 18 pairs of pants that run the gamut from über casual to black-tie dressy.

Keep scrolling for 18 chic snap-pant picks.

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With the return of Juicy Couture tracksuits and Puma’s new velvet collab, the early aughts might be the next decade to make a comeback.