The Hadid sister with killer style—and a carefully curated beauty bag

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If you want to know what’s trending and cool, get to know Alana Hadid. Her last name might ring a bell (her younger half-sisters are models Gigi and Bella)—but she’s known for her killer individual style, on display in her chic new capsule collection for Lou & Grey.

Hadid’s work as a stylist, personal shopper, and founder of Current Moji—a t-shirt line emblazoned with cheeky emoticons—has earned her a spot as one of LA’s sought-after up-and-comers in fashion. And her Lou & Grey collection is infused with Hadid’s own fun, less-is-more sensibility. Think: colorful bandanas, a wear-anywhere metallic leather clutch, and a sweatshirt bearing her childhood nickname, Lanzybear.

With her career on a steady rise (and we’re guessing a super busy schedule), she says that self-care rituals are definite musts, especially when it comes to her beauty routine.

Photo: Lou & Grey
Photo: Lou & Grey

“My approach to beauty changes all the time, like my fashion sense,” says Hadid. “But there are a few things I always try to do, like taking off my makeup at the end of the day. I use a lot of face oils: I sleep in them and use them to take my makeup off.”

Her fave formulations are organic with just a few ingredients. “I love playing with products,” explains Hadid, “but I really think keeping it simple is the best policy.”

Here are five of the beauty must-haves that make this style star’s cut.

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lou-grey-candle  1. Mine Design Cuivre Copper Odette Candle, $40

I love candles. They are necessary in excess in your home and they make the best gifts. My philosophy on candles is: always and forever, the more the merrier.



2. Olo Lightning Paw Perfume, $45

I think roll-on perfume is an amazing invention and is not used enough. I love this one because the vanilla is a beautiful note and this size is great. Just throw it in your purse and dab it on throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to constantly have people saying, “You smell good”? I love when that happens, and this helps.


3. Wary Meyers Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap, $14

Not only is this soap gorgeous to look at (which makes it perfect for a guest bathroom or a little pop of color in your own soap dish), but it also smells divine, which is definitely one of the first things I look for in a soap.


4. Josie Maran Argan Oil Products

I love [the oils in this collection] for body and face and I use them basically every day. They balance my skin and make my face dewy.



5. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, $16

It was one of the best things that I found when I moved to Australia. It used to be their little secret, [but] I have to admit I have been telling everyone. I use it on my lips and to remove stubborn eye makeup, and it’s great for scrapes, burns, sunburns…basically everything. I love that it’s organic and natural. I buy it in bulk and throw a tube in every one of my purses; you can find me using it daily.

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