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Alexander Wang x Adidas Collab Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@alexanderwangny

The last time Adidas and Alexander Wang collaborated, both the land of athleisure and the high-fashion set lost their collective minds. (As in the debut collection produced the type of lines usually reserved for sample sales and, according to some, “won” Fashion Week.)

Now, the collab is back with Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Season 2—but don’t expect any block-long lines, because this time they’re doing things a little (okay, a lot) differently.

“The activation is just as important as the products because it really speaks to the narrative and the concept.”

According to Vogue, the Season 2 line, which drops July 29, will be available via text message (AKA the same way you get your Dirty Lemon fix). “The activation is just as important as the products because it really speaks to the narrative and the concept,” Wang tells Vogue. (Last season, Wang sold the collection out of parked trailer truck stores on city streets, so this isn’t that shocking.)

The details are scant, but expect the collection to be neon- and logo-heavy, inspired by the did-not-know-it-existed-until-now middle ground between rave and cycling culture. And if it’s anything like last season’s 84-piece unisex collection, it’ll likely sell out faster than you can text “neon balaclava, please.”

As for the whole texting thing: The collection will be available in New York City first. When it drops at 12 p.m. on Saturday, you can text your order to the Adidas chatbot at 917-512-7715. Then, a collection-clad bike messenger will hand-deliver your order. If you’re not in NYC, you won’t have to spend your lunch break frantically (and semi-discreetly) trying to text the bot—but you’ll have to wait until it’s available globally at select retailers starting August 5.

So does Wang himself wear his designs when he works out? Absolutely—but he’s not exactly hitting a post-work spin class. “My exercise is going out and dancing,” Wang tells Vogue. “So when people ask if I exercise…yeah! Friday and Saturday.”

If you’re unsure on how to actually style your athleisure, take some cues from Bella Hadid or check out Nike’s can’t-go-wrong millennial pink line.