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Calling it: Retro ’90s claw clips are the newest cool-girl hair accessory

'90s banana clips at Alexander Wang fashion show Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@redken

Back in the ’90s, the claw clip was everything. Long before messy topknots became the go-to no-frills #lewk, this claw-like accessory was all but mandatory for an effortless on-the-go hairstyle (which, notably, worked seamlessly with “The Rachel” cut from Friends).

Well, if you still have a drawer full of your old clips and have just been waiting for them to make a comeback, à la fanny packs and scrunchies, that moment is officially here: Alexander Wang just featured them back in his Fall 2018 runway show at New York Fashion Week—and with a chic update. Unlike the standard tortoise shell color that ruled the ’90s, his models wore chrome silver claws emblazoned with his logo.

And even though claw clips have officially become high-fashion, you don’t need to spend big bucks to reclaim one of your old favorites as your new go-to post-gym ‘do. This lookalike clip is only $10 on Amazon, meaning there’s no need to wait for Wang’s (likely much pricier) version to hit the market so you can flip, clip, and then zip to your next #bossbabe task after a grueling sweat sesh. But first, someone get an updated model to Jennifer Aniston, stat.

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