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BECAUSE MOISTURE RETAINING HAND AND BODY SCRUBMost body-care products include just a drop of the high-quality ingredients typically found in ones for the face. That’s what Diane Ginzel learned when she bought her first skin-care dictionary on a quest to be a better label-reader. The Consumers Guide to Milady’s Cosmetic Dictionary became the skintrepeneur’s Joy of Cooking on her path to becoming a natural skin-care connoisseur.

“I was really disappointed by the cheap chemical ingredients used in mainstream products for things like dry, cracked hands and itchy, eczematic skin. They’re mostly terrible quality, and I believe they interfere with the skin’s functioning,” says Ginzel, prompting her to make a study of essential oils, botanical extracts, and cosmetic chemistry. “Why should facial products get all the good stuff?” she asks.

Diane Ginzel founder of Because Skincare
Diane Ginzel founder of Because Skincare

Soon the California occupational therapist was combining natural ingredients in her head for these skin conditions and sketching beauty product formulas on napkins. When she found a USDA-certified lab whose organic-ingredient sourcing standards were as high as her own, Because skin-care for the body was born. The tagline displays Ginzel’s sense of humor: Life can be irritating. Skin care shouldn’t be.

Still, I had to ask Ginzel, do knees and elbows really need the more expensive, high-quality ingredients we lavish on our face? She read me the riot act: “Body-care products tend to be watered-down versions of skin care, and they contain more fillers, less of the good ingredients, and focus on fragrance. Are you good with that?” asked Ginzel, leaving no doubt to the answer.

Because Skin Care range
The Because Skin Care range: intended for troubled, aggravated, or winter skin-care woes

There are currently six Because products—a set of shower cleansers, body moisturizers, and a scrub—each one containing 70 to 98 percent organic ingredients and made to benefit a body-care woe.

The Daily Relief Cream ($38) contains skin-calming tamanu oil and calendula to help heal extremely dry or inflamed skin “caused by extreme living, stress or bad luck,” says the bottle. The Moisture Retaining Hand and Body Scrub ($36) is “especially beneficial for reptile-like skin” and uses raw cane sugar and fatty-acid rich berry-seed oils, so that skin’s nourished as it’s exfoliated. And the Purifying Body Cleanser ($32), great for after yoga, contains white willow bark, a natural source of salicylic acid, needed for keeping skin clear of blemishes.

Skin care has countless champions, from Dr. Hauschka on down, and thanks to Ginzel the body now has someone in its dry and flaky corner.

Because Skin Care is available at and locally at Spirit Beauty Lounge,